Our Objectives


We toil to a set of objectives able to be gauged. Our objectives are reviewed on a regular basis. Empowering communities and the poor among the rural sector to use impact monitoring for project management; and thus contributing to the sustainability of our project activities.Our current objectives are available on request. Please email to know us more

Our vision is a blissful world where people collaborate from corporate, public and NGO sectors so people no longer endure from preventable causes through lack of access to basic amenities and the knowledge of how to use them.

To build novel ventures and partnerships to lessen the intensity of  poverty and social abuses, further to improve lives of  millions people who are in need of a help and direction in the developing world through education and awareness programs.

Promote Urban-Rural partnerships for development especially to provide access to affordable, essential basic amenities like education, health, food in dispossessed social sectors.

  1. Educate every child especially girl child in rural areas

  2. Recuperate mother EARTH to best use of its natural resources in favor of civilization.