1. Our Aims

    To reduce the cleft and differences between urban and rural societies to setup a neighborhood interests and equilibrium to improve quality of life and status of both the sectors

  2. To improve children’s health and education to strengthen future world. Making social changes more visible .

  1. URVI aims at improved co-ordination, collaboration, joint participation and understanding amongst constituents of the rural sector for promoting welfare of the rural masses by providing latest knowledge and basic amenities and sound infrastructure for self dependence.

  2. To work with govt departments to reach unfathomable areas of people for whom projects and programs are being designed and launched time to time, to maximize  effectiveness and efficiency of the social welfare projects.  

  3. Introducing new models of education like community college or vocational education system to sharpen skills and efficiency of school drop outs or people who have just completed elementary education.

  4. To take action as a channelizing, monitoring and mentoring platform for successfully implementing programs involving large amount of public interests.

  5. To commence incorporated programs for the growth and economic development of rural India and strengthening rural economy by allowing them access to the global technology, finances and market.

  6. To build an expert system in association with professionals, research scientists, social activist, technocrats etc ,to resolve major issues relevant to development of Urban and rural India.

  7. To organize and conduct promotional and training programs, entrepreneurial development programs, lectures and seminars for the executives of voluntary organizations, volunteers and target groups and relevant to any of the fields of interest of the constituent members.

  8. To organize essential support and awareness workshops to cop up with natural calamities and undertake and participate in disaster management and rehabilitation specially in Urban areas.